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When to Service My Boiler?

Boiler manufacturers are always telling you t get your boiler serviced annually, but is this the only time you should get it looked at? To put it simply, no! There are several other occasions where a boiler service is key, as a service can check for all boiler issues that may be brewing. Keep reading to find out more...

Service annually

Servicing your boiler every year is the best way to catch any issues before they develop into something more serious. It also ensures everything is running safely and efficiently. Getting your boiler serviced any more often may waste your money, so a year is the perfect amount of time to go between checks. Ideally, you should get your boiler serviced towards the end of the summer, so you can see if any issues have occurred while it has been sitting dormant in the warmer months. There is nothing worse than going to turn your heating on in the winter and finding out it won't work!

Service when you move homes

When you arrive at your new home, it is always a good idea to get it serviced as soon as possible. This gives you peace of mind that you are living in a safe and secure home, with no hidden faults. While the previous owners may claim to have serviced it, it is better to get it done for yourself. This also sets you up well for annual servicing moving forward.

Service even when things are running smoothly

If your boiler is working as it should, it may seem like a waste to get it serviced. However, a lot of issues start off small and hard to detect, so things can seem fine when they are not. As a result, you should stick with your annual servicing whether it seems worth it or not, as you never know what is going on internally. As well as this, it is hard for you to know wether your boiler is running efficiently, but our team can easily check this for you.

Need a boiler service in Northwest London?

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